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How to Earn Points


Every time you visit your center, complete a Level, join Encounters, refer a friend or renew a contract, your rewards points will add up! No matter your Level or how long you have been studying, all Wall Street Thailand students can earn, collect and redeem points for great incentives! See below for more details.

Please note - Points start to accumulate once you have activated your account.

Get Points by






Earn 1,000 points

All you need to do is log in and activate your account using your Speaking Center user name and password to earn 1,000 points now!

You will be asked to create a 4-digit security code to be used when redeeming your rewards in the future. Please keep this code confidential.

Earn up to 100 points

Within 15 days
100 points

Beyond 15 days
50 points

Earn up to 100 points just for taking your Encounter classes per our recommended study cycle.

1 Encounter done within 15 days of last Encounter.

1 Encounter done beyond 15 days of last Encounter.

Earn 1,000-2,000 points

1st Level : 1,000 points

2nd Level : 1,250 points

3rd Level : 1,500 points

4th Level : 1,750 points

5th + Level : 2,000 points

As a congratulations for finishing your first Level within 3 months, you will receive 1,000 points. And after every Level you complete within 3 months, you can earn up to 2,000 points per Level!

Earn 500-1,000 points

1st Level : 500 points

2nd Level : 625 points

3rd Level : 750 points

4th Level : 875 points

5th + Level : 1,000 points

Even if you are not able to complete a Level in 3 months, you still can collect points.

500 points

Plus get an additional 500 BONUS points if you can complete your 1st Level in 2 months!

6 Months
Earn 10,000 points

9 Months
Earn 15,000 points

12 Months
Earn 20,000 points

18 Months
Earn 30,000 points

Still want to continue studying English, but you’re almost finished? Be rewarded just by renewing your contract!

Earn 15,000 points

Share the success of learning English. Get 15,000 points if one of your friends or family members becomes a Wall Street student.